Our float home is nestled at 200 Grand River Ave. The Grand River trails run directly behind our building. Our friendly neighbours are Gray Matter Chiropractic and Grand Wellness Centre, both fellow local businesses working towards making Brantford a happy and healthy place.

Our centre offers Float Therapy as well as a variety of Yoga, Pilates and meditation classes in our studio space.

Enjoying the day out on the trails? Stop by for a refreshing and healthy beverage! LIVE Kombucha from our friends in Guelph can be found on TAP or by bottle in a variety of flavours.  

We have three tanks; 1 DreamPod and 2 ProFloat Cabins. While they both essentially do the same thing, the tanks all have a uniqueness to them and you might prefer one over the other.  The Cabins have the height for you to stand up in whereas the DreamPod is egg-like shaped, with an option for colourful lights. They each have options for light and music. 

Filtration includes a heavy duty, four-step system. Using similar methods as drinking water purification, our tanks are equipped with the latest filtration systems. This means a safe and clean environment. We follow Float Tank Association guidelines and get our water tested every month. For more questions concerning water sanitation please feel free to call or email. (Raz can personally answer any questions or concerns at 613-410-1112) 

After your float you are encouraged to hang out and have a complimentary tea and foot massage. There is never any rush at the Float home, we love to chill out with fellow floaters and talk floating, wellness and anything you might wanna chat about.

Check out some of the books and literature we have floating around the lounge area. Maybe you want to get creative with our post-float journal, colouring books, drawing pads and art supplies. Either way, floating is much more than being inside a tank full of salt and water, and just because your session has ended, your float doesn't have to. Take the calmness and peace from the tank and plant the seed of conciousness into your everyday life. 


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